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 Ti Brake Shield

Ti Brake Shields

Prevent Brake Fade by Keeping the Brake Fluid Cool

Product Description:
Repetitive stops from high speed can overheat normal brake components and cause brake fade. Brake fade from boiling brake fluid can result in a complete loss of brakes. If your high performance car suffers from a "soft" brake pedal from repeated use you are in danger of having a potentially catastrophic accident.

Titanium has a low heat conductivity rating; about 1/3 that of stainless steel, 1/7 that of regular steel. Read our technical paper on Brake Fade.

Ti Brake Shieldsare aerospace-quality titanium alloy plates. The shields help retard heat transfer from the hot brakes to the brake fluid. Each shield installs easily between the brake pad and caliper piston.

$89.95 (axle set of 4) New reduced pricing

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