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915 Gate Shift Kit

For Porsche 911 with 915, 5-speed gearbox (1972-1986)

(for 901 gearbox, go here)

If you have a 911, you know the factory gear shift mechanism lacks a certain amount of preciseness and feedback. In fact, shifting the 915 gearbox usually requires deliberate movement and practice to avoid hazardous shifts to the wrong gear; a shift from 5th to 4th gear can result in 2nd gear being selected, and a shift from 4th to 3rd sometimes results in 1st gear (ouch!). A missed shift often results in severe engine damage.

915 shift pattern:


The factory shifter assembly contains a spring-loaded mechanism to help identify 5th and reverse geas. However, no such feature identifies the other gears. Installing the Gate Shift Kit provides an added spring mechanism to define 1st and 2nd gears (basically mirroring the action of 5th/Rev.) and uses 3rd and 4th gears as the default shift plane. In addition, the Gate Shift Kit provides "gates" on the top carrier plate for 1st and 2nd gears to mirror the existing gates for 5th and Reverse.

These "gates" relieve spring tension (while in gear ) on the shift mechanism inside the gearbox housing. This is a feature other (and more expensive) kits don't address. The Gate Shift Kit parts include high quality, anodized aircraft grade aluminum and chrome vanadium steel components. Fasteners and hardware are stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Experience the difference with a Gate Shift kit installed on the factory shifter. No more blown shifts. DIY installation takes about an hour and it works with all factory 915 shift housings ('73-'86). Note: '72 cars require an upgrade to a '73-'86 shift housing.

The Gate Shift kit is also compatible with the Factory Short Shifter (M241) upgrade as well as other aftermarket short shift kits.

$149.95 (Order)

The Gate Shift kit is complete and includes full installation instructions and our 30-day money-back policy - of course.

Are you thinking, "why do I need one?" This is what the Gate Shift kit helps prevent.



A. Neutral position. The Gate Shift spring tension allows shift lever to default in the 3-4 shift plane.

B. Spring tension provides feedback for the shift to 1st gear. Tabs on the Gate Shift carrier plate (mirroring 5th/Rev.tabs) relieve spring tension while in 1st .....

C. .... and 2nd gear.
By merely pushing the shift lever forward, spring tension moves the shift lever into the 3-4 gear shift plane (see figure A) thus avoiding a mis-shift into 1st gear.

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